Auckland, New Zealand’s most famous city, is an intoxicating urban center known for its relaxing beaches, vineyards, museums, and galleries. There is something for everyone out here as Auckland is one of those cities where history meets modernity. Auckland is also known for its multicultural makeup of Europeans, Maori, Polynesians, and Asians, making it a favorite immigrant destination.

Here are some of the top spots in Auckland to quench your wanderlust.

Sky Tower:

Sky Tower

Sky Tower is one of the iconic structures adorning the skies of Auckland. This magnificent tower has been the focal point of Auckland skylines for over 20 years. The tower offers a panoramic 360-degree view of the city, allowing viewers to observe key landmarks, historical locations, and 53 volcanos spread over the landscape of Auckland. In addition to this, Sky Tower allows visitors to attend a relaxing yoga session on Sundays while enjoying the rosy golden hue of sunrise. Sky Tower also has something for the more daredevil wanderlust out there. Satisfy your adrenaline thirst with a Sky Jump or Sky Walk. For the more faint-hearted visitors, who still want that adrenaline rush, Sky Tower provides a virtual reality show SkySlide. When it comes to dining with a view, the visitors are spoilt for choice with three different restaurants and cafes- a revolving restaurant called Orbit 360 Dining, The Sugar Club, and Sky Cafe.

Auckland Museum:

Auckland Museum is one of the most distinctive buildings in Auckland, which offers a picturesque view across the harbor. The must-see artifacts of the museum include displays of Pacific and Maori artifacts on the museum’s ground floor. If you are visiting Auckland this year, you are uniquely positioned to witness an exhibition that was 2000 years in the making. Featuring more than 150 ancient greek artifacts, statues, weapons, and jewelry, this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition showcases the most extensive collection that was loaned to the Auckland Museum by the British Museum. This exhibition only lasts till November 6th, 2022. Another great attraction to observe if you are visiting Auckland this year is the fossil exhibition of T. rex. This rare real fossil display named Peter lasts till September 4th, 2022, and is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Waiheke Island:

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is one of the favorite destinations of both Aucklanders and visitors alike, and for a good reason. This scenic island is rich with world-class wineries, the most picturesque beaches, and dining with spectacular ocean views. After a short ferry ride with a stunning view lasting for more than half an hour, tourists can reach the location. Tourists who have had enough of wining, dining, and surfing can pursue other activities this beautiful island offers. You can enjoy the island’s breathtaking beauty through a network of walking trails spread across the island leading through nature reserves. Another activity to enjoy here is Kayaking.

Quench your Wanderlust in Auckland

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