The consultation process

Auckland Council regularly asks for your opinions on a wide range of projects, plans and strategies, which any individual, group or organisation is welcome to provide feedback on. 

We view engagement as a genuine dialogue with our diverse communities to help us make better decisions. Public input is important in ensuring our decisions reflect the aspirations of mana whenua, residents, ratepayers, community groups and businesses.

Auckland Council’s new Significance and Engagement Policy is effective from 1 December 2014. The policy is required under the Local Government Act 2002.

The policy identifies how and when communities can expect to be engaged in, or specifically consulted on, decisions about issues, proposals, assets, decisions and activities.

It also enables the council and our communities to understand the significance that the council places on certain issues, proposals, assets, decisions, and activities.


Different types of consultations - engagement principles

When we engage with the community, there are a number of good practice measures listed that the council, local boards and CCOs will follow to meet some of those principles.

Specifically, we will aim to;

  • conduct business in an open, transparent, and democratically accountable manner; and give effect to identified priorities and outcomes in an efficient and effective manner.
  • be aware of, and have regard to, the views of all communities.
  • take account of the diversity of the community when making a decision, and the community's interests; and the interests of future as well as current communities; and the likely impact of any decision on them.
  • provide opportunities for Māori to contribute to decision-making processes.
  • ensure prudent stewardship and the efficient and effective use of resources in the interests of the district or region, including by planning effectively for the future management of assets.


Some of the consultations we run also need to align with legislation which can determine the length of the consultation period and how it should be advertised.

The process for these consultations usually relate to annual plans, long-term plans and bylaws.

The council can also decide to consult at any time on any decision, where we consider that this is appropriate. For most council decisions, there is no express requirement to consult the public, but we will consider people’s views and preferences. Each consultation will have a closing date for providing feedback. 

Remember to give yourself plenty of time so your feedback is received on time – otherwise it may not be considered.

Decision making process

Before making a decision, council considers all feedback, along with advice from council staff and other relevant information. Once a decision has been made, that decision, along with the relevant reports, will be available on our website.

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