Join the People's Panel

Join the People’s Panel today and complete short online surveys for Auckland Council about the things that are important to you.

Survey topics are varied, from the zoo, dogs and beaches, to plans for Auckland and your community. You only need to do the surveys that interest you.

Surveys are sent to your email address and most take less than 10 minutes to complete. Results from the surveys are always made available on the People’s Panel webpage so you can see what other panel members say and how results have been used.

Most importantly, feedback from the panel makes a real difference, informing the way we make decisions about the city and plan for a better Auckland.

Panel members appreciate the fact that council want to hear their views and they enjoy the convenience of giving feedback online:

“I think the People's Panel is the best idea the council has come up with yet. I love being able to send in my views in a quick and easy manner."

Sign up today and help shape Auckland’s future!

Visit the People’s Panel webpage for more information about the Panel and view our reports.


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